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Momento Serverless Cache 

The World’s Fastest Cache
Instantly supercharge your databases to make them fast and indestructible
Cloud databases run faster, achieve greater scale, and have less outages when they are cached. Efficient caching is especially vital for cloud scale applications with millions of concurrent users to ensure the database can scale and never goes down under the load of millions of transactions per second. Even small apps and databases perform best when cached.
Additionally, cloud apps have evolved to serverless first and microservices architectures and to support these, databases have evolved to serverless API accessed data services instead of fixed database clusters. For example Amazon DynamoDB, Google Cloud Datastore, Amazon Aurora Serverless v2, Mongo Atlas, and CockroachDB Serverless have already made this transition. However, cache services have not kept up with the trend as the legacy services available are all still cluster based, forcing burdensome cluster management on developers to set up, test, scale, and maintain a cache.