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Web Development & Design

Whether you are interested in enhancing your existing website or building a new one, our team combining web design, web development, database architecture and database development expertise can offer you a full-fledged service.

Our services cover the full range starting from wireframes and graphic mockups illustrating the sites structure, and ending with creatively designing and developing highly sophisticated functional dynamic websites while ensuring intuitiveness and scalability.

Equal consideration is given to both the design and technical aspects of the development to cater for your marketing and functional aims of your website. The design ensures incorporating your branding guidelines in a look-and-feel that is intuitive using the latest CSS specifications combined with HTML styling templates and XML technology. In addition, when building a highly dynamic database-driven website, server-side programming decisions that drive the dynamic aspects of the site are made with the utmost care to offer an efficiently running site with minimum user latency.

Video Production

A video- or film production is not the same as producing a brochure. Many variables are involved, that need to be addressed and organized. You want to end up with a great result, getting your message across to your audience AND keeping your budget straight.

Many years of experience in writing flowing scripts and a wide knowledge, not only, technical, will make your project a successful one. We advise and produce from A to Z.

Don’t worry about all the formats you will need you will get them all.
If your interested in the newest 3D stereoscopic way of films, you are at the right address. Besides we are a production partner with the TPC (Television Production Centre) regarding 3D content.

3D Production

Your product or Vision gets virtually real. We visualize from scratch or from CAD data. The images can be photo realistic or of any other visual flavour. We look back on over 20 years of experience.

A picture says more then 1000 words, However a Film says more then a image alone. Let us advise you, making your product or visions come alive in a film in virtually any format.

Very impressive results can be achieved when a real Photo is combined with a high quality 3D image. Let us show you the possibilitys.

Momento Serverless Cache

VCS being a Streamzilla agent offers premium, three screens, pure-play CDN. Streamzilla is the leading pan-European Streaming CDN and is the only CDN that offers integrated, true streaming support for all popular protocols and formats including Flash, Silverlight, 3GPP, H.264, AAC streaming and HTTP iPhone and Smooth streaming support. And of course we deliver any file type through advanced HTTP services.

Premium network
Most CDNs distribute via the Internet, StreamZilla uses a Pan-EU fiber network. This guarantees better distribution throughout Europe, less affected by traffic on the regular internet.

18 PoPs
Global CDNs have just three to five PoPs in Central / Western-Europe, the Pan-EU fiber network that powers StreamZilla has 17 PoPs in Europe plus a PoP in New York. These PoPs preferably use private peering points with all

major EU access providers. This deeper connectivity into Central, Western, Eastern, Southern and Northern improves the performance of our streams.

Premium CDN core technology
Majority of the CDNs use regular caching and DNS load balancing, StreamZilla uses more sophisticated technology to dynamically distribute assets and live streams and to load balance the audience over the delivery nodes. We permanently monitor the popularity of each object and stream and automatically distribute and load balance based upon this popularity. This 100% controlled distribution and load balancing improves performance and guarantees a higher uptime.

Focus on video, video, video
Most CDNs offer a wide variety of services, StreamZilla purely focusses on professional video and audio delivery: live TV, live radio and VOD streams, media downloads in all popular formats through all popular protocols: HTML5, Mobile, Flash, Silverlight, Smooth Streaming, HTTP adaptive, QuickTime, Windows Media, etcetera. This focus allows StreamZilla to offer the most professional streaming service in the EU market and gives content owners the widest range of media delivery technologies so they can continue to build for 100% reach.

Premium resources
The services offered by most CDN’s today are based upon one-size-fits-all on a shared platform, StreamZilla offers dedicated resources for the most demanding customers as well. With dedicated delivery servers, dedicated storage, dedicated bandwidth, even a dedicated CDN management environment within the CDN, content owners get premium, non-shared services which can be designed and built custom (in a remarkably short timeframe) to fit all their needs.

Premium control
StreamZilla offers a sophisticated self service management interface, that lets account owners manage their content, setup their own live streams, see realtime statistics and view historical reports. Content owners are offered many advanced features such as pre-popularity distribution control, logical assets management and many other premium features.

Premium API’s
StreamZilla offers a powerful, yet easy to integrate with, set of open standards based API’s. These well documented API’s let account owners integrate their entire back-office and front-office workflows: video transcoding systems, live encoders, content management systems, portals and clients.

Pure play CDN
StreamZilla does not offer vertical services like content management, video transcoding, encoding, video production, video portals, video players, ad management, DRM management. We 100% focus on media hosting and delivery. Which makes StreamZilla a reliable, trusted partner that does not compete with it’s own value added resellers.


Our active production work sometimes requires a lot of travel to many places. It is then, when opportunities open up to shoot imagery that is unique and hard to get.

Through our webshop VCS Photography we aim to make photos available to you at highest resolution and with simple, straight-forward License Scheme.

Visit our webshop at