Workflow & Media Logistics Platform

Ooyala Flex

What is Ooyala Flex?

Ooyala Flex is a media logistics platform that reduces the cost andcomplexity creating, managing and distributing content. Our flexibleand configurable platform provides control of end-to-end asset andmetadata management, workflow orchestration and operationalinsights, transforming video content operations.

Video production teams are under immense pressure to create and deliver more content as audiences continue to fragment across platforms, formats and devices, and video production migrates from legacy systems to IP-based workflows. With siloed production teams and dissimilar technologies used day to day in video production, the need for an integrated platform has never been greater. Ooyala Flex orchestrates every element in production and distribution workflows — your existing tools and systems, technical processes, and manual tasks — and makes it easier to adapt as the market changes.
“Media Logistics Platform” is a term coined by UK-based research firm Ovum to define a new class of customisable, end-to-end media management software. MLPs are designed to handle the mass-production and distribution of content in the new data-driven, personalized TV marketplace.

With Ooyala Flex You Can…

Streamline and automate workflows

Automate workflows and manage tasks to speed up and simplify your operations. Then, integrate your existing systems and production tools to tame tedious and error-prone manual work.

Gain real-time visibility across the video supply chain

Maximize the ROI of your current investments and get the information you need to optimize and streamline video production and distribution.

Identify and resolve bottlenecks

With complete visibility into your content processes and user activity, you’ll have the data you need to identify bottlenecks and opportunities to increase efficiency.

Increase collaboration across teams and regions

Connect disparate departments and regions and help them work, share and modify assets, and communicate within a single system.

Seamlessly integrate existing technology

With Rest APIs, scripting, and an open plugin framework, you can integrate with existing systems and production tools and quickly adapt as needed.

Manage business and asset data

Ooyala Flex provides the single source of truth about your video operations. It unifies data from workflows, assets and systems into a single comprehensive view.

Get comprehensive analytics and insights

Monitor your operations and optimize your workflows with real-time operational analytics, business activity monitoring and per-user customizable dashboards and reporting.

Deploy your way

Ooyala Flex is configurable, scriptable and extensible. Deploy it in the cloud, on-premise or in hybrid deployments; update at a pace that suits your needs, and configure every element.



Core is an automated media logistics engine, utilized by all other Ooyala Flex modules. Core is the backbone of your media operations and supports enterprise application integration, processautomation, business-to-business communications and message
brokering, all in one place.

Scalable and highly flexible, Core orchestrates all of your media and business critical processes — covering users, assets, data, storage, transcode, QC, job scheduling, messaging, access control and more. It offers a completely “composable” runtime via its web-based UI and API, so every element of the platform can be configured and scripted from first principles to be perfectly aligned with your media logistics needs.

Once you’ve set it up, the real-time dashboards give you complete insight into your media logistics workflow operations while tracking all user activity and seamlessly managing 3rd party resources.
Core is event-driven and scriptable, meaning integration with your wider enterprise is a breeze. If you need deeper integration or wish to build your own applications on top of Ooyala Flex, Core offers powerful REST APIs, SDKs, scripting to adapt Flex behavior and a plugin framework, as well as a multitude of robust media and data services.

The fine-grained access control, quotas and object-oriented nature of Core mean you can create multiple accounts, roles and groups to partition access to assets, resources and data.

  • Advanced asset service: Support to create, store, aggregate, search and categorize millions of assets and associated metadata, comments and keyframes
  • Resource service with plugins for all leading transcode, QC, delivery, storage and HSM solutions from vendors such as Aspera, Amazon Web Services, Elemental, FileCatalyst, Harmonic, Oracle DIVArchive and Telestream.
  • Clustered job scheduler: Supporting hundreds of job types from transcode and QC to packaging and delivery. Create your own scripted plugins and timers with Ooyala Flex’s API
  • Fine-grained access control: Supporting accounts, groups, roles, users and integration to Active Directory
  • Advanced data designer: To create multiple hierarchical metadata schema. Support for validation, access control, auditing and commenting on a per-field level
  • Messaging and event filtering to generate, repurpose and send event data to other systems and services, including Analytics
  • Scriptable message templates for generating custom HTML email or SMS messages
  • Profile templates to support scripted transcode and content validation templates
  • Advanced REST API: For building your own web-based products and services
  • Scalable and highly available: Can be deployed on public or private cloud and supports clustering and DR.



Workflow helps you put your technology and staff to work in the most operationally efficient way and orchestrate I.T. resources and
people all over the world.

Extending the capabilities of Core, Workflow lets you compose and automate any business process, from ingest and QC to review and approval, on-premise or in the cloud.

Ooyala Flex’s advanced workflow engine offers a perfect blend of media processing and business process management, so you can efficiently orchestrate assets, people, data and enterprise resources in the same workflows. Ooyala Flex’s automatic content recognition means your workflows can carry out intelligent decision-making based on media type, metadata values, QC results or external look-ups.

  • Browser-based workflow designer
  • Support for plugins
  • Orchestrate machine and human tasks
  • Work order and task list management
  • Track workflows in real-time
  • Scriptable
  • Support for assets and other objects



In an increasingly data-driven and personalized TV market, the ability to model, gather and manage data at every stage of the valuechain is key to extending audience reach and increasing profits.

Objects provides a more natural way of modelling and tracking your wider business data and sharing it with people, 3rd party systems and also your own work-flows. With Objects, you can say goodbye to complex database integration. You don’t need a separate database of business data or an external work order management system

Objects offers a new dimension to media logistics and complements Ooyala Flex’s workflow capabilities. Create completely new data objects with their own data fields. Model relationships between existing objects and your own object types (productions, episodes, work orders, locations, facilities etc.) and search, update and securely share them.

  • Advanced modelling
  • Custom fields
  • Automatic form creation
  • Dynamic data-mapping
  • Field-level commenting
  • Scriptable fields
  • Access control and collaboration
  • Integrated search and indexing
  • Workflow integration
  • Advanced REST API



Say goodbye to your monolithic media asset management solution. MAM is highly configurable and can be tailored to match your unique workflows and business processes. And since MAM connects directly into Core, Workflow and Objects, it allows you to customize your metadata definitions, define the relationships between assets and automate tasks like encoding, transcoding and QC.

With MAM, your production teams focus only on the tasks that add value and creativity to productions.

  • HTML5 application
  • Timeline commenting
  • Asset tagging
  • Clip creation and rough cut editing
  • Media and group asset support
  • Collections
  • Wizards and tasks
  • Fine-grained access control
  • Initiate workflows from MAM
  • Headless API-based integration



Reviewer lets you review, approve, and submit time-coded comments on selected content from anywhere, at any time,
securely and effortlessly.

Reviewer is seamlessly integrated with Ooyala Flex’s workflow and asset management components. This means you can create a new Reviewer session manually or from a workflow and invite existing Ooyala Flex users to participate, while tracking the entire process.

  • HTML5 browser-based UX
  • Timeline commenting
  • Workflow triggered approvals on a per-user basis
  • Fine-grained access control to assets and asset fields
  • Active Directory integration



Panels allow editorial staff to easily add metadata to their videofiles directly from within the Adobe Premiere and Prelude.

Metadata can be automatically populated and new metadata can be validated on input, without risking costly input errors, or missing fields. Panels also ensures that as projects are being worked on with Adobe Premiere, they match back to the production structure within the Flex platform in the background.

Prelude users can capture, log and ingest content into Ooyala Flex without leaving the Prelude environment. Required fields are loaded from Ooyala Flex and presented inside Prelude Panels. Ooyala Flex’s metadata framework supports the concept of mandatory fields so that data can only be submitted once the minimum set of fields has been provided.

Further, as media is ingested and logged into Prelude, all technical metadata, including bit rate, frame rate, aspect ratio and more, is automatically extracted, collected and catalogued into Flex.

  • Two way interaction between Ooyala Flex and Adobe Prelude and Premiere
  • Login with Ooyala Flex credentials
  • Retrieve and display XMP metadata from current Clip or Sequence
  • Retrieve and process sequence data including temporal data
  • Edit metadata and transfer into Ooyala Flex
  • Export current sequence via Adobe Media Encoder
  • Trigger Jobs and Workflows in Ooyala Flex, directly interact with the exported media



Analytics is a real-time analytics and business activity monitoringplatform. It stores and processes event data generated from allOoyala Flex modules and also gathers data from external systems.

With Analytics you can track assets, workflows, tasks and user activity at every stage of your supply chain — from commissioning and production to distribution and consumption.

For the first time you can correlate the cost of producing and managing your TV content with its performance across multiple platforms. This “feedback loop” helps you isolate bottlenecks, identify key trends and use Ooyala Flex to further optimize your production and distribution processes.

Analytics can store and process billions of data points. It allows you to search, aggregate and visualise your data in custom dashboards.

  • Gather data on every activity in every Ooyala Flex module
  • Create customized dashboards to visualize information in real-time
  • Store and process external data
  • Configure event filters and handlers
  • Open access for external systems



Transfer ingests content from your preferred internal and external sources using file acceleration tools, plain FTP or HTML5 upload technologies.

Users log in to Transfer’s secure HTML5 Transfer Portal and upload from any internet connected device.

Ooyala Flex also integrates seamlessly with industry-leading production technologies such as Adobe Prelude and Adobe Premiere so you can ingest straight into Ooyala Flex with all of your logged metadata.

  • Scheduled and partial uploads
  • Support for FTP or HTTP
  • Seamless integration with Adobe Prelude and Premiere
  • Form-based metadata pre-entry and sidecar file support
  • HTML5 based transfer portal