Encoding, Transcoding and Delivery

AWS-Elemental is an Amazon Web Services company


AWS Elemental is an Amazon Web Services company that combines deep video expertise with the power and scale of the cloud to provide nimble, flexible software-based video processing and delivery solutions. With AWS Elemental, customers can harness the elasticity of the cloud when needed, on demand and with pay as you go services.

Solutions from AWS Elemental allow broadcast TV and multiscreen video to be customized, originated and monetized at global scale, giving customers the ability to quickly, easily and economically scale and optimize video operations and the freedom to focus on what matters: transforming ideas into compelling content that captivates viewers.

Global media franchises, pay TV operators, content programmers, broadcasters, government agencies and enterprise customers rely on technologies from AWS Elemental to create agile, scalable and secure video workflows that bring content to life. Discover how AWS Elemental perfects the media experience

AWS-Elemental® Live


elemental_stream-a-2AWS-Elemental® Live is a video processing system that provides content producers and distributors with video and audio encoding for live streaming to new media platforms. The system merges the benefits of massively parallel hardware with the flexibility and forward compatibility of intelligent software, delivering unmatched price/performance for video compression. With unprecedented density, Elemental Live executes simultaneous processing and encoding of multiple adaptive bit rate outputs, delivering the high-quality, high-efficiency performance required for streaming live video to any device. An intuitive web-based interface simplifies workflow, exposes realtime controls for event management, and provides one-click access to popular content delivery networks. A single Elemental Live system can perform the work of more than four CPU-only encoders, eliminating configuration complexity, optimizing multiscreen video delivery and reducing total cost of ownership.


AWS-Elemental® Conductor


elemental_server-a-4Elemental® Conductor is a scalable platform component that provides control and management of multiple Elemental video processing instances. The software-based solution offers secure administration and comprehensive monitoring of encoding tasks through an easy-to-use, web-based user interface. Automated redundancy and recovery maintain the continuous signal flow critical for uninterrupted delivery of live content. Configurable system alerting and reporting is available through email, SNMP or web callbacks to simplify monitoring and give operators real-time updates on network and cluster conditions. Elemental Conductor lowers operating costs by reducing the complexity of multi-instance management while enabling scalability and stability of multi-encoder deployments.


AWS-Elemental® Server


elemental_cloud-a-5Elemental® Server is a file-based video processing system that provides fast and reliable transcoding for pay TV operators, content owners and film studios. The system merges the performance benefits of massively parallel hardware with the flexibility and forward compatibility of upgradable software, reducing total cost of ownership for video compression. Elemental Server performs simultaneous, faster-than-real-time conversion of multiple video files to create mezzanine deliverables or adaptive bit rate outputs for delivery to TVs, PCs and mobile devices. Ideal for large-scale broadcast and multiscreen video applications, Elemental Server is easy to install, configure and integrate into existing workflows.


AWS-Elemental® Cloud


elemental_delta-a-7Elemental® Cloud is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that securely
manages high-volume live and on demand video solutions in
combination with the scale and elasticity of the cloud. The service
automatically provisions and dynamically scales virtual Elemental
instances, and can seamlessly integrate those resources with on site
infrastructure to instantly expand video processing capacity. This
flexibility enables video providers to rapidly enhance multiscreen video
offerings, grow audiences, generate greater revenues, and decrease
capital expenses.


AWS-Elemental® Delta

support_services-a-8Elemental® Delta is a video delivery platform designed to optimize the monetization, management and distribution of multiscreen video across internal and external IP networks. Through just-in-time video packaging and intelligent caching, the platform enables a complete solution for time-shifted TV and real-time content delivery with advanced levels of customization and control, including network bandwidth optimization, profile manipulation and highly targeted ad insertion. Elemental Delta origin and edge functionality integrates seamlessly with Elemental video processing solutions and allows pay TV operators and content providers to monetize assets by deploying powerful video delivery infrastructure that expands content delivery, enhances OTT services and capabilities and reduces video distribution costs.



The AWS-Elemental Global Services organization is dedicated to providing outstanding service and support to customers around the world. Elemental recognizes that every customer is unique, with varied in-house technical resources and capabilities, as well as different system availability and response time requirements. The Global Services Organization offers a wide range of service and support options to meet individual customer needs. Each offering is designed to ensure that Elemental video processing solutions operate with high reliability and at peak performance in every application.